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How PHP Developers Can Speed Up the Development Process

August 30th, 2018

PHP development really has become the buzzword in the web development circles around the globe. The demand for PHP developer is at an all time high as the demand for superior web development reaches higher summits. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that in no time, PHP development services will become the most important and commanding scripting language. With a new tool for web development coming up almost every day, it becomes imperative for the PHP developer to hone his skills regularly so as to keep pace with the development paradigms and be the first to respond to any change.

Here we shall discuss the five most effective tools to speed up PHP development for better results:-

1. A superior IDE – You might end up becoming a redundant PHP developer if you are still using the same old editing tools aka Notepad or WordPad. It’s about time that you upgraded your knowledge as well as your editing program in the form of EditPlus2 or PHPEdit. These programs are available for free and provide with many time-saving advantages, which over-burdened you during the Notepad days:-

o Color highlighting, hence easier spotting and correction operations.
o Search, locate and replace operations.

One other way can be the use of an extensive IDE (Integrated Development Environment). But there are still some concerns about the high license fees attached to it.

2. Using the correct framework – All of us would agree that most of the PHP development projects are almost alike in nature, simply put they are built on a similar kind of a framework. One great idea to save considerable time in the development of these projects is to avoid starting all projects from scratch and build a basic general framework and work on it to develop different projects. The basic framework can be worked upon to get customized project architecture.

3. The art of Re-cycling – Always remember the mistakes and learning from the previous projects you have undertaken as a PHP developer. These learnings will help you avoid any similar mistakes in the future. What is even better is that the old or current scripts would provide you with valuable data to emulate to make better projects. But the best part is that they come at no cost at all in the new project.

4. Keep it simple – As a PHP developer, you goals and objectives remain the same. Whatever you make and however you make it should remain clear and simple. Development is all about the cohesiveness that the developers and the programmers have in the project. The more complicated the codes in PHP MySQL development projects are, the harder it is for the programmer to find the glitches and remove them. Work on the code over and over again if necessary, but ensure that it is kept simple.

5. Proper Documentation – Effective documentation of the code that includes comprehensible comments and other such tools plays a large part in saving the time involved. Troubleshooting is made much easier this way. Its importance is realized even more when dealing with the more complicated parts of the code.

The above factors will prove to be decisive in the development of a successful web development project. The PHP developer should keep the above points in mind as a checklist, to be consulted whenever working on a project.

Good Web Design – Why There’s So Little

August 29th, 2018

Most small website owners rely almost entirely on themselves or their web developer to create a good website design without them actually knowing what good web design is. Based on my 8 years experience in website design and optimization for visitors and search engines, I can say with a good deal of assurance, many web developers don’t know what good web design is either.

My views are based on the detailed evaluation of hundreds of websites which in many cases look good on the surface to the untrained eye, but when evaluated more closely, are either average to poorly designed websites, bad websites, or just simply suck.

After all, anyone can call themselves a website designer after just creating one website, either their own or for a friend or relative. Most website designers are self-taught and have no qualifications of any kind that relate to the job. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being self-taught, but a lot depends on where and from whom you learn and what length of apprenticeship you serve in web design. a showcase website typical of many showcase sites for good website designs has defined what quality design is to them (according to the statement on their site):

Quality web design = Visual + Technical + Creativity.

The problem with a definition like this is it focuses on the creative and visual aspects of design which is really only of interest to other website designers aspiring to create something that pushes the boundaries even further in the same direction. It also completely ignores whether the website is fit for the purpose for which it should have been designed. Most websites don’t need to be stunningly beautiful to serve a purpose and they don’t need to be “technical” either.

Many web developers think they have to be “creative” and set out to design a website never seen before, or one that behaves in an entirely new and original way. This often leads to an overly graphical and sometimes technically complex website design with an unconventional layout and navigation, that actually creates more problems than it solves.

All these “quality web design” features may impress another designer, but it generally wins no prizes or favours from the public website visitors who generally don’t come to a website to admire the design. Many web developers seem intent on re-inventing the wheel instead of observing the established design conventions that visitors to a website are familiar with. They also seem to have forgotten the basic K.I.S.S. rule of design which is Keep It Simple Stupid.

So, having said quality or good website design is not about Visual, Technical or Creativity just what should it be?

Good Web Design = Satisfying Visitors

There are two distinct groups of visitors to a website that a good website design needs to satisfy and they are people and search engines. Some website designers will argue that designing a website for the search engines is not necessary, or a waste of time. Although I prefer to design websites with search engines in mind, I don’t have a problem if other web designers don’t, providing they have an alternative plan.

If a web designer doesn’t design for the search engines, then they need to have an alternative plan to get traffic to the website and they should explain this plan to the site owner. There is no point in designing the greatest website ever, if there are no means for attracting visitors to the site.

A good web design also needs to satisfy the people who visit the site. If a web designer creates a website that attracts visitors through search engine optimization ( SEO ) or other methods, this will be wasted if the site fails to satisfy enough of those visitors when they arrive.

By satisfying visitors, I mean providing visitors with the information, products or services they came to the website looking for and doing it in way that is satisfying to the visitor. If the website is meant to sell products and/or services the design should also be designed to convert enough visitors into sales or leads to satisfy the site owner.

If it doesn’t do all this then it’s NOT good website design!

When deciding what is, or is not good web design, I use two checklists. One checklist is for evaluating a web page and the other checklist is for evaluating the whole website. The web page evaluation checklist examines over 150 aspects of good page design and the website checklist examines over 120 aspects of good website design.

In an effort to find some good quality website designs in 2011, that meet my standards for good web design, I launched a good web design award with a $500 prize for the winning entry.

Find Global Companies Via Country Web Directory

August 28th, 2018

In the case of finding global companies to get internet based services (say web design, development, SEO, hosting and other) country web directories are always helpful. There are so many reasons to search anything through directories. But here our discussion will only move round to find web design and development companies. Nowadays website development has become a global affair. There are thousands of companies who have raised the matter at a great height. So it is needless to say that somebody desiring to get his website developed with an international company is no wrong decision.

But the main matter to follow up in this case is to reach one of the best global companies in the most easy and reliable way. Now we may have a look at how country web directory can be the best option in this situation:

  • A directory is a great source of thousands of companies. User does not need a random search on search engine. He or she only has to find companies according to country name.
  • Every country web directory is an organized search for global companies. The list of companies is shown according to several categories of service they avail to the users. The things go easier.
  • There is a question of trust worthiness or the reliability of global companies. There is a great chance of being cheated if projects fall in the hands of thugs. A country web directory help in this regards. The directories enlist genuine and true companies after verifications.
  • Searching through directories help us to know or catch the search trends in the markets. We can really find out companies through tag cloud which country is more popular and gets more customers.
  • Even in some cases it gets difficult to understand the suitable project costs. In this case too some directories come in immense help. Directories provide quotations for any project.

This way you can well understand that a country web directory can come in great help to find out global companies to help any project done. There is a serious thing to remember for sure. And that is landing on a popular directory otherwise efforts will go fruitless.