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Find Web Developers

How to Choose a Web Programmer Wisely?

If your organization is having the plan to employ a web programmer to develop a website, there are some areas you need to take note in your selection process. You need to know what a web programmer does. At the same time, you need to find out whether the programmer is competent enough to handle the tasks.
Let me share with you some useful information.

A web programmer is also known as web developer. He or she is in charge of making the web pages attractive in the eyes of the internet users. The programmer creates the interactivity on the site which includes the actions on forms and rollovers for menus. Besides, he or she is also responsible to maintain the database of the organization.

If you are looking for a professional web programmer, you need to make sure that the person has knowledge in 2 main languages, i.e. HTML and JavaScript. If the person also knows ASP and Net, XML, MY-SQL, PHP, Perl and Java, you can add more merits for him or her. Before you hire anyone, you need to ask him or her to prove to you the highest academic qualification as well as the software certifications.

Besides technical knowledge, you need to see how experienced the web programmers are. You need to find out how long they have been in this profession. It will be better if you can take someone with more than 5 years experience in this line to work with you. In order to play safe, you can ask the candidates to provide you their referrals. Contact the referrals if you need further clarification.

At the same time, you are reminded to judge the ability of the candidates too. What you can do is to ask all the candidates to talk about those past projects which they have got involved before. From there, you are able to know what type of technology they usually use in developing web pages. You can also evaluate their previous work by going through those websites which have been developed by them. You can assess how creative and innovative a web programmer is. You can also know whether the programmer’s work meets your standard requirements or not.

Next, you should look at the personality of the candidates. Basically, the programmers must have good communication skills because they need to communicate with the business owners before they start doing their work. They need to know how to read the business owners’ mind because they are the ones who develop websites which suit the corporate image of the organizations.

Looking for a really good web programmer for your organization is not a hard task if you apply the information stated above. In order to create an excellent website for your organization, you need to put in hard effort to search for the right person.

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