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Web Hosting Plan – Recommended 5 Criteria

August 12th, 2018

Web hosting is an important factor when you decide to create a web site whether for personal or business reasons. A web host is the service that provides you with the server space where your web site information is housed for the world wide web. There are numerous web hosting providers on the market now but not all are created equal. A relationship is formed between you and the web host which is your web hosting plan. Since you will be paying for this service you want to be certain that the service provides you with all you’ll need without charging you lots of extra fees as your site grows and develops. Basically you want to make sure the relationship is going to be beneficial not only for the web host but for you as well. As the relationship continues and evolves you want to make sure that your needs aren’t stifled. Below are 5 important criteria that you need to be aware of before deciding on a service.

1 – Give Me Some Space

Your web hosting plan will allow you only a specific amount of space on their server. Make certain that you are aware of the limits so that you can determine if this relationship will be fruitful for you down the road, as your space requirements will probably grow.

Not only is disk space important but also bandwidth. If your site has audio or video features, bandwidth must be taken into consideration so that additional fees won’t be acquired.

2 – Don’t Fence Me In

Be sure that the provider allows you to have multiple domains. This is very important for business that is focused on branding. This could mean several different domains that all lead to the same site or multiple sites and domains for different ventures. It’s inconvenient to go to a different web host for each of your domains. One stop shopping keeps life simpler.

Although it is much simpler to use one web host for several domains, many businesses prefer to diversify their web hosting so if a server is down their business won’t be as adversely effected. Regardless be sure to use a web host that allows multiple domains whether you use them or not.

3 – No Extra Fees Please

There was a time when the hosting provider would charge you an upfront fee. Thanks to competition those days are gone. So don’t fall victim to that one. Also as previously mentioned you want to be sure you understand the disk space and bandwidth you are allotted so there are no surprise charges.

4 – What’s In It For Me?

As the internet and web development evolve, more and more features that make the whole process better as in easier and more effective are available. Email accounts, FTP accounts and databases are just a few features that should be easily accessible for you.

Many software systems that you may utilize for your site’s development such as Joomla require modules. Be sure the modules are available free of charge.

5 – Give Me A Hand Here?

When you start creating your own website then there will inevitably be questions that arise. It is frustrating when there’s no one available to answer your questions or steer you in the right direction. Although it may be very difficult to find a provider that will answer your calls. So be sure to find one that will email or IM with you at the very least.

Price Factor in Web Design and Maintenance Services

August 11th, 2018

You can find plenty of information regarding proper website design and its maintenance services. But several people stay with the misconception that, if the web development, design and maintenance services are low in cost, the quality would also suffer. So people who live with this notion eventually end up spending more than required on web development, design and maintenance services.

Hence it is advised not to keep negative attitude that only costly services can give better output for your business, leading to loss to your business. Even the inexpensive web development, design and maintenance services can very well give bright output.

When website design service providers were surveyed regarding this issue, many of them said that most of their clients give extra emphasis to the cost of the services and their decision is affected by this factor rather than quality aspect. Most of them believe that if prices are lower, they would not get good quality of services as they want. The website design experts do try to remove this misconception of people and say that the overall charges of the services are affected on the basis of the package been selected by the company. So it is not wise to spend more for web development, design and maintenance services which can be procured in less cost yet maintaining the level of quality.

The website design companies if charge heftily for the services, it is not necessary that they would deliver high quality and required type of services. To find out whether the website design service provider would be able to give in higher quality of services, see the entire range of services that are included in the package you have selected.

You can ask them for a fixed website maintenance plan to follow. These companies generally have a fixed schedule for such plans that are based on the needs of the customers. Website maintenance is highly essential for ecommerce websites were constant updating is required. To be on safer side enquire about the services that are present in the web design and maintenance package. Enquire with them whether the services comprise of both back-end and user interfaces. Some of these service providers also give search engine optimization services to the clients, so inquire about it also.

In website design package also there is option of customized services, so you can ask about it also. A customized website has higher level of online identity. The service provider above all should provide very strong technical and customer support system.

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Web Design For Small Businesses – Essential Guidance

August 10th, 2018

To begin your internet marketing strategy as a small business owner, your first step is inevitably creating a website. This medium presents a good starting point for modernising any business and bringing it to the next level. Naturally you will need to find a web designer to price up a quote for your site. Finding the right guy can be a hassle within itself, so in order to make an informed decision you should first ascertain exactly what you need.

You have to get a feel for what components and functions are needed from the site. Generally, many businesses require only a standard website. Akin to an online business card, this is a straightforward website that has a few pages detailing the concept of the business, the location, what services are provided and how to make contact. As there aren’t any advanced features specified, your developer would not need to worry too much about any complicated coding and can just concentrate on making the website look great.

What kind of advanced features can be implemented?

Once the spec requires a CMS (Content Management System) the development side of the website becomes important. There are two main reasons to employ a CMS. Firstly you want to be able to update, create and edit your own pages, taking away the need to constantly employ a web developer.

Content can be modified with what is known as a WSYWIG (what you see is what you get) editor that also allows simple formatting of text and negates the need for knowledge of HTML. A CMS will cost extra to integrate with the back end of a website. However, in the long run you could save money on maintenance. A CMS is no substitute for a true web professional and they have their limitations based on the task they need to perform. Only certain actions can be performed with a CMS, such as updating text, images and data. They can only do what they are programmed to do. So changes to do with website design and layout or added functionality that hasn’t been written into the specification will require a web designer.

A CMS can also work as a back end database. The kinds of websites that require this usually provide some sort of online service or listing. This could be a online portfolio of projects or a database of local businesses. A CMS would be needed to create and modify records without needing any database knowledge. Your developer will need lots of database knowledge of course and such a job will require one who is a competent coder.

What other features that may require special attention?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is becoming more and more important. The internet is an oversaturated medium and to get your foot in the door may require special services to hopefully increase your rank within the search results. Google is the number 1 search engine, but SEO is a vast topic better left for its own article (or book!). This is a service that many web designers will provide as well and if done well can be the difference between success and failure.

Putting all this information isn’t is difficult as you may think. You want the best website for your small business and the more knowledge you are armed with increases your ability to guide the web designer in the right direction.