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Open Source Development – Do’s and Don’ts

August 9th, 2018

It is a true fact that open source development has grabbed a major portion of the web development as a whole. Yes, there are some certain benefits of open source which are encouraging the web application development companies to provide clients with kind of software applications in the website.

We know well that a coin has both head and tail. Similarly there come some restrictions in the open source development. We here will try to know or have some light on the typical dos and don’ts when we decide to ask or agree to the proposal of a web development company which wants to use this particular technology for our website.

  • As the name shows – it is ‘open source’ we must realize the sources are free. It means whenever we will use it, we have to make sure there is full freedom to use the source for further developments by anybody without restrictions.
  • We have to be careful in using any open programming. I mean to say many available codes are in the initial stage and developers lose enthusiasm in further modifications. So we should choose a source that is well developed and able to meet all our demands and future prospects.
  • Anybody can use and improve the development modules or the total programming for use. Make sure your developers are using the codes in a way that they themselves can support the future need or anybody can come and use it for not posing copyright.
  • Many a times we find that the open source available in the internet communities or on web are with bugs. So we have to be careful in using the codes that are bug free or we have to spend some hard earned cash just for our careless choice.
  • Always remember that the open source development is very much cost effective. So never fall in the hands of the developers who ask for extra money in the name of critical implementations.

These are the main considerations when anybody starts workings with this technology. May be there are some don’ts but we have to say ultimately it is the best as it saves money, time and spreads the developments for use of all. So without any wait go for successful open source use today!

The Differences Between Cheap Website Design and Professional Web Design

August 8th, 2018

Setting up a business can be daunting enough with all the decisions and expenses that are involved. Almost every start-up business and well established business now needs a website, as this is the first place potential customers will look when they are researching the services they require.

If your website does not sell your business or services to the potential customer within the first 10 seconds you run the risk of losing potential customer leads.

In this article I will explain the differences between hiring a ‘Cheap Web Design Company’ and a ‘Professional Web Design Company’.

Cheap Website Design or Professional Web Design

Just because the word ‘Cheap’ precedes ‘Website Design’, does not mean a web development company that offers ‘cheap web design’, will give you a substandard job. The question you need to ask yourself is can they deliver the project that I am looking for?

Before you decide on which type of company will develop your project, you need to spec out the requirements of your new website. The key factors you need to consider when creating the brief for your project are:

Design: Do the potential companies you are looking at offer the level of design you are looking for? It does not matter how much this costs, if they do not deliver the site you are looking for, you are already wasting your money. Take a look through their portfolio and ask them to give you examples of similar sites they have created for other companies. If they meet your requirements, then you can start asking about the price.

Communication: From your initial conversation with the potential company, whether it is by email, telephone or face to face meetings, make sure you feel you can get along with them. I come across many customers who’s relationships with their previous web companies has become sour due to poor communication. When a relationship breaks down you are potentially wasting money, this is because once your web project has been started, moving it to another web design company will certainly incur extra costs.

Marketing: For me this is the most important part of running a web design company. When you are sourcing which company will develop your project, you must ask them about how they intend to help you market your site. As standard with any web project the company that is developing the site will give you plenty of FREE tips and advice on how to market your site, they should optimise it for the search engines and keywords that relate to your company. There is no point having an awarding winning design if the sites above you always take your traffic, if nobody finds your site you may as well not have one.

In Conclusion

There is no favored route as to how you should decide what type of company you choose to create your new website. You should create a short list of companies that say they can complete your project. Once you have created your shortlist, then start looking at what the companies are quoting you. If you decide to choose the cheapest quote, just be confident that they have a portfolio of previous work that shows they have the skills to complete your project.

Get Ahead in the Game With Web Hosting That Supports Drupal!

August 7th, 2018

Setting your sights high should always be a major principle in life, so that even as you search for the perfect web host, it’s best to go for the most powerful. For this reason, you must go for Drupal hosting.

Drupal Hosting Defined
The word, “Drupal” means droplet in Dutch, which implies that a great number of creative ideas may spring from one platform. All it needs is a Linux-based hosting platform, which may be installed with only PHP 4 (or 5) along with mySQL. With these tools running smoothly, the creation of a database and of user applications could easily be done and the customer could begin tailoring the Drupal site immediately.

Are you a web developer?
If you are a developer and are contemplating to use a Drupal host site, then you are in the right track. The best thing about Drupal host sites is that they make a great choice both for beginning and veteran web developers, because they use a sophisticated and dynamic program. So whether you are just beginning to harness your web developing prowess or are well way into the hosting expertise, this hosting program could give you unbelievable efficiency.

Are you an online entrepreneur?
If you are establishing an online store or business, Drupal hosting sites could give you the best platform in the market. Web hosts that run on Drupal are known to be dependable in providing ample server space and quality hosting service. On top of this, this type of hosting program allows the enough room and freedom for the unique features of websites. However, it is tricky to find a specialist for Drupal sites, and it may take a long time for an entrepreneur like you to find the right one. The hard work in finding a Drupal specialist may well pay off in the future however, as you may thoroughly maximize the use of your site investment.

Most hosting sites that run on Drupal have a number of business and services offers on top of their core offer. This is quite useful for both developers and entrepreneurs, because it means that there is full assistance given to subscribers of Drupal hosts. When sites go live and start encountering problem, you would need a backup plan and technical support. Make sure then, that these features are included in the offer that you would choose.

Whether you are looking to put up an online store or an online community application; or you are going to develop web pages and websites, choosing Drupal hosting is a wise move.