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Why Choose Custom Web Designers Over a Template Web Design Company?

When you first begin investigating how to establish an online presence for your business, you will come across an enormous amount of information about web design, web development, online marketing and search engine optimisation which is not likely to make any sense to you. After all, you are only after a basic website and can learn about the rest of the online industry later. The only decision you really need to make at this stage is whether to build your site in consultation with designers who offer only templates, or consult an expert at a custom design company for a site that has been prepared with just your business needs in mind.

While choosing a designer that uses basic templates may seem like the fastest and most economic option for getting your business noticed on the world wide web, it is actually likely to have the opposite effect and hold back the future development of your website.

The web page delivered by a template website design company will have very limited functionality and little or no scope for change or personalisation. Another drawback of template websites is that many other businesses will be using an identical template. If you are interested in maximising the individual online presence of your company, the last thing you want to find out is that your competitors have exactly the same colour scheme and page design as that used on your website.

Although template design companies can be cheaper than custom web designers, they will also end up providing a website that has a cut-rate appearance and will instantly affect the impression that you give your potential customers. Your clients want to know that they will receive a top quality service and are unlikely to approach your company if even the design of your website appears generic and of a low quality.

Unlike template web designers, a web design company that provides fully customised websites will offer an endless amount of features and options for future development and will construct your website in close and ongoing consultation with your company. This means that your website can grow and change as your business does, thus better serving yours and your customers’ needs. A website built by a custom web design company will represent your company in a striking and individual way right from day one. A further advantage is that custom web designers can always modify your site to include the latest technologies and functionalities such as the creative use of images in flashing banners, shopping cart functionality, videos, newsletters and blogs.

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