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Why Is Development of Multilingual Websites So Important?

The best way to enlarge your target audience is to work with foreign clients. The best way to communicate to your potential foreign clients is to develop a multi-language website.

A multi-language (multilingual) website is a website that provides its visitors with content in two or more languages. There are several reasons for a company to develop a multilingual website:

  • A multi-language website provides an opportunity get into a new market.
  • A multilingual website helps the company to keep its international clients informed about its product and services in case the company has already broken into a new market.
  • A multi-language website provides the visitors with informative content in several different languages.

Economic globalization and integration between different countries has lead to reduction of trade barriers and emergence of a global market. It is highly unreasonable to ignore the opportunities provided by globalization. A multilingual website is the best way to reap the benefit of these opportunities, as it:

  • attracts visitors from all over the world
  • speaks your target visitor’s language
  • communicates effectively to the global audience

The best way to win your client’s favor is to speak his native language, that is why multilingual websites are so effective in conquering potential customers around the globe. If you a eager to expand your business overseas and build a strong bond with your new clients and partners, you cannot do without a multi-language site.

I suggest that you should translate your websites into Russian and Ukrainian or develop multilingual sites at once. Why these very languages? The answer is simple. About 278 million of people speak Russian as their primary and secondary language; Ukrainian is spoken by about 47 million of people.

Of course, not all these people are active Internet users. However, the number of users in the Runet is about 45,5 million and it is estimated to grow. Russian-speaking Internet users are no more afraid to buy from e-commerce sites, but they still prefer online stores that deploy content in the Russian language. Why not use it to leave your competitors far behind?

You may ask: “Why should I order a multi-language website in a web studio? It will be much cheaper to use the services of a translation bureau!” Please, don’t forget that sometimes the cheapest is the most expensive. A translation performed by a translation bureau may turn totally ineffective in case you have to deal with e-commerce and web promotion.

Imagine a situation: you have developed a site and translated it into a foreign language. How are your potential foreign clients going to find it on the World Wide Web? They will probably use search engines to search for products and services they are interested in. Most often people click on the links from the top of search results, thus the best way to get your part of traffic is to promote your site into this top.

The most effective way of promoting a site into the top of search results is search engine optimization (SEO) of the content. That is why to translate the content of your site into a foreign language is not enough; if you want your site to have high ranks, its content must be optimized for the Web.

And one more thing that has to be taken into account while developing a multilingual website in Russian and/or Ukrainian. Most of the Russian-speaking Internet users prefer to use Yandex search engine rather than Google. Yandex algorithms and ranking principle is totally different from that of Google. That is why if you want to make your site well-known in the Runet you should promote it both in Yandex and in Google.

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